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Smart Technology for Disabilities & Aged Care.

Smart technology for enabling your operations to be more productive in delivering higher standards in quality care outcomes.

Customer Engagement Solutions

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Resident Centred Care Solutions

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Data Orchestration & Integration platform

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Operational Bed Boards

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Assisted Living & Community Solutions

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Smart Sensor Technology

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Business Intelligence for Residential & Disability Care.

Eliminate disjointed data in your organisation through our orchestration services platform that allows for even greater levels of business intelligence for aged care, providers who are aiming to:

  • Increase Revenue Spend per client/resident, by capturing allied health and third-party products and services spend.
  • Leverage  IoT, AI/machine learning, trending of information for wellness alerts, asset tracking, dementia wandering out of the facility, Mobile PERS/staff duress.
  • Available APIs for integration with most residential aged care software.

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Connected Customer Experiences for all types of care

Connected Customer experiences can significantly improve customer satisfaction. Achieve customer centricity with a portal technology designed for aged care will enable you to track the customer Journey from initial enquiry to a waitlist, admissions, and departures. Through an integration orchestration services platform, UniQcare provides you with customer centricity with a single view of your customers from a holistic representation of your customer’s data across all your corporate systems.

The most obvious benefit for aged care includes keeping family informed of loved one’s activities which helps increase visibility and transparency and decrease daily complaints. This will help to increase operational efficiency- through less time and costs on complaint processing and improving customer satisfaction.

Complaint management can also be managed with more effectiveness by centralising the complaint process across all business units and service offerings. This way provides an even greater level of transparency when compared to managing across multiple systems even in unstructured formats such as word and emails. The complaint starts from one place and can be for both family members and staff.

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Digital solutions for Disability and Aged Care

By utilising data from biometric and room sensor control system devices, UniQcare’s orchestration services platform can identify pending falls, illness, stress, declining cognitive ability or behavioral issues. In addition to wearable bio-metric devices that measure pulse, blood pressure, temperature and activity levels. As well as telehealth system components to monitor weight, oxygen saturation and blood glucose levels.

Key biometric data and incidents are recorded in a Wellbeing database for historical purposes to allow further trending analysis for long-term care regimens. 

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Data Integraiton and Orchestration services

Allow a “Paperless” environment where data can be entered directly into the appropriate application and sensors capturing Biometric data which is stored and automatically sent, allowing appropriate clinical disposition in real time.

By capturing and measuring the non-medical and medical factors in any environment, we can provide better insight and care for socially isolated clients – in a facility or at home.  Custom real-time reporting modules can also provide families with insight into a loved one’s wellbeing, condition and care through a web portal accessed from any device.

APIs are available for integration with most residential aged care software. This allows for improved productivity such as automatic update of progress notes taken from the bedside back into the clinical management system.


Client Centred Care

Get visibility over how much capacity you have over the next week, month, quarter. Understand which resources are under or over-utilized? Easily check the utilization rate for all your resources or focus on a specific individual.

Be able to drill down to focus on individual resources is easy. Get a complete overview of their hours along with the clients they are working with. Identify resources where demand outstrips capacity. With this enhanced visibility, you can take corrective action in advance by adjusting rosters and schedules etc.

Complaint management can also be managed with more effectiveness by centralising the complaint process across all business units and service offerings. This way provides an even greater level of transparency when compared to managing across multiple systems even in unstructured formats such as word and emails. 

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Portal Technology Solutions

Aged Care residential customers and staff will benefit from the various communication and entertainment resources this technology provides;

Enhanced communication between clients, staff, and families with bedside communicators or tablet-based access to Skype voice and video, Facebook and email 

Rich entertainment and concierge services providing the client with a single place to order food, call loved ones to watch movies and shows, interact with internal entertainment. It also includes multi-lingual video and audio streams as well as access to the Internet for “brain training”, health information and online collaborative gaming. Integrated remote telehealth systems to GPs, pathology labs information, care workers, clients, and families.


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Home & Community Care Assisted Living

UniQcare’s home care system provides you with the following features:

  • Entertainment – Foxtel , Netflix, iView, Normal TV.
    • Gamification – Games Bridge with your virtual community. Includes other brain training games.
    • Connect – Connecting with other clients using platform in a virtual community.
    • Community News
    • Photo Albums
  • Health Education – Information on your wellness. Alert for new info to family and the carers.
  • Home Control – Control TV. Lights, curtains Camera, alarm.
  • My Visits – Visits by Doctor,, Physio, or family./friends./ care staff /nurse, cleaner.
  • My Appointments – Outing for coffee with carer, Visit physio, doctor etc.
    • Reminder for daily activities
  • Health monitor – Progress notes. For anyone who is servicing you to be able to see history and update.
  • Link to your GP and registered nurse.
  • Upload of data from wearable devices (Samsung Gear S3, Fitbit, Apple Watch etc)
  • My Activities – Walks, exercise and fitness goals.
  • Nurse Assistance – to show the capability of alerting your care team for immediate assistance.
  • Surveys (Smiley Face, Sad Face) track responses.

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