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Case Studies

LiveCare360 Case Study – A 25% reduction in care costs



Thomas Holt is an Aged Care provider offering services in Community Care, Independent Living, and Residential Aged Care. Thomas Holt needed to giver care recipients more independence to achieve greater levels of customer experience by focusing on resident-centered care and creating a point of difference in the marketplace while at the same time needing to reduce care costs.

To achieve this, a platform providing greater customer centricity was required to support the care recipient’s independence and has worked with UniQcare to develop LifeCare360º. LiveCare360º enhances the clients experience through greater independence, as they can order meals, watch their favourite programmes, Skype with family, listen to music and audiobooks and access services. This is billed directly to their account. Additionally, it doubles as a nurse call system.

What is it?

Care recipients can access LiveCare360º from anywhere, on any device. They can see what their daily activity goals are, what social and clinical appointments are coming up. From medication reminders to managing finances. Plus family members can see a summary of the care recipient’s day,  to what they had for dinner, what they watched on TV or who visited them that day.

LiveCare360º utilises data from wearable and static sensors as well as building control systems. LifeCare360º uses machine learning technology to identify changes in biometrics that could indicate pending falls, illness, stress, declining cognitive ability or behavioural issues and acts according to sensor inputs.  LiveCare360º empowers carers to centrally monitor clients through a combination of both dashboards and real-time alerts.

Smart alerts for health metrics are triggered e.g. blood pressure has been trending higher over a period or a resident has been making a more than the usual number of visits to the bathroom within a short period. The resident’s information is at the fingertips of both the caregiver and the loved one. Both family members and caregivers can also contact that person directly on the bed, or contact the carer who is on duty that night.

What can Clients expect?

According to George Lymbers, the CIO of Thomas Holt –  Clients can experience unprecedented levels of quality and compassionate care. For example a higher level of consistency in the care provided when shifts change from carer to carer throughout the day and night by having all client information available in one easy to access and secure location. Clients can also expect concierge services around meals and refreshments as well as entertainment.

LiveCare360º addresses quality of life issues by providing circadian lighting for mood and behavioural transitions between night and day, enhanced bedside communicators or tablet-based access to make both voice and video calls. LiveCare360º offers a vibrant entertainment service including multi-lingual video and audio streams,  access to the Internet for “brain training,” health information and online collaborative gaming.

 What can a Provider expect?

A 25% reduction in care costs for high care per bed per day, plus improved customer and staff satisfaction. Thomas Holt was able to go from a 1:6 to a 1:8 carer to resident ratio for Level 3&4 care. Plus care staff feel more energized by spending less time doing administrative tasks and spend more time making the clients happier. This is what staff enjoy doing most. Utilising one system will improve productivity through significantly less paper handling and reducing the re-entering of data across disparate systems and ultimately reduce wages and operational costs while maintaining quality and compassionate care.


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