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It is a well-known fact that Aged and Healthcare today all need to have a robust, highly available fixed and wireless data network that can support current and emerging clinical, corporate and innovative collaboration applications and services.

Rolling out real-time communication technologies can help your entire care team in aged and healthcare to collaborate while better managing time-sensitive interruptions. Physicians, nurses, and carers all need to agree on patient and resident protocol either through in person or virtual meetings.

Today most health and aged care networks are decentralised and are getting more and more spread out covering large areas. So the need to continue to be connected in a reliable to way to empower multidisciplinary team meetings (MDT) with voice, instant messaging (IM) as well as with screen and document sharing for delivery tailored care plans to suit specific aged and healthcare needs.

Carers will be able to make video calls direct to either patient or resident for any location whenever a nurse call button is pressed. This means the level of care can still be maintained through instant contact via video while reducing the cost of care overall by not having to make the multiple steps required each time a nurse call is button is pressed.

Families of both patients and residents alike can be reached on the same reliable communications platforms by download client apps to their smartphone which automatically integrates them into the communications system. So now a family member can make not just a direct voice call but video call straight to their loved one in care for a more connected customer experience.

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